Arto - wild oak

We would like to introduce our newest product, which is beautiful in its simplicity. ARTO WILD OAK has been created for those customers, who look for unique products.

This door has a natural look and is covered with a number of knots, thanks to which every manufactured piece is different and unique. This design is available in oak, ash and pine. It is equipped with a lock, adjustable hinges and safety glass. Knotted version is available only for oak door, other types of wood are knotless.

While placing order for the oak version, please indicate if you prefer it knotted or knotless.

This trend is becoming more and more popular, and the furniture industry has acknowledged it a long time ago.

Arto 1 Arto 2 Arto 2
pine oak/ash pine oak/ash pine oak/ash
untreated - - - - - -
transparent lacquer/wax oil 920,00 zł 1220,00 zł 920,00 zł 1220,00 zł 920,00 zł 1220,00 zł
coloured lacquer 950,00 zł 1250,00 zł 950,00 zł 1250,00 zł 950,00 zł 1250,00 zł
glass VSG safety milk glass included
  • Metal handles for sliding door 70,00 PLN set for one leaf
  • Plastic handle for sliding door 20,00 PLN piece
  • Nickel/patina handle 88,00 PLN piece
  • Keyhole plate WB/WK nickel/patina 34,00 PLN piece
  • Restroom keyhole plate nickel/patina 56,00 PLN piece
  • Round/square metal restroom vents 32,00 PLN piece
  • Plastic restroom vents/undercut* 20,00 PLN set
  • On-wall sliding system, single 220,00 PLN set
  • On-wall sliding system, double 440,00 PLN set
  • Folding door system 220,00 PLN set
  • Hook lock for sliding door 170,00 PLN set
  • Non-rebated single-leaf door paid extra 450,00 PLN set
  • Non-rebated double-leaf door paid extra 650,00 PLN set
  • Seal 18,00 PLN set (5 metres)
  • Adjustable hinge 18,00 PLN piece
  • Additional hinge 30,00 PLN piece
  • Hinge cover fi 14 nickel/patina 22,00 PLN set for one hinge
  • Porthole paid extra 450,00 PLN piece
  • Leaf "100” price of chosen leaf + 40 PLN
  • Door "110" paid extra price of chosen leaf + 100 PLN
  • Swing doors paid extra 300,00 PLN
  • Double-leaf standard door twice the price of chosen leaf
  • Double-leaf door frame price of chosen frame + 30%
  • Cutting from the bottom of the door up to 40 mm 40,00 PLN
  • Non-standard door/frame individual pricing
  • White lacquer leaf treatment paid extra 280,00 PLN
  • White lacquer frame treatment paid extra 250,00 PLN



Due to the use of natural veneer:

- presented and real colours may vary,

- colour of different door parts may also be varied.

Colour may be chosen individually.

While choosing a colour, please use the samples above.


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